Schnitzel is my favorite dinner. My mom always makes it with it rice pilaf and salad, and while I’ve learned a few different simply meals my mother makes, this is one meal I don’t want to learn how to cook.

By all accounts I should, its delicious and my mom says it’s easy to make, and those tend to be my two main criteria for what to make.

But wouldn’t that ruin the magic? Making schnitzel for myself on a random Tuesday night after coming home from work without any fanfare sort of ruins it; schnitzel is too good to be mundane.

No, schnitzel is meant to be eaten at home, cooked by my mom just as its always been. It’s a treat. Surrounded by family who I don’t see often enough, eating a meal specifically made for me, is a rare delight. It’s family, it’s love, and its delicious.

One day I’ll learn how to make it, but not now. One day when I have children I’ll make it for them and tell them my mom used to make it for me, and hopefully they’ll love it as much as I do. And sharing it with them will make it special, helping to keep the magic of it alive. But for now, I’ll wait on learning to make. For now it’s mommy-food.


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