What I Ate This Weekend

1. Four apricots, or actually three since one fell after a single bite, just bought from Haymarket while walking home. So sweet, they tasted like the gummy rings, and made even sweeter and more satisfying by hunger, sweat and exhaustion.

2. A frozen pizza while sitting on the couch and watching t.v. and playing laughing and feeding each other the crust. I’m not sure what was more comforting-that pizza, that couch, that show, or that boy. I’ve spent more nights like this than I have fingers on my hands, and I’ll spend even more nights like that in the future. And they’ll all include frozen pizza.

3. Scallops wrapped in bacon, just as greasy and delicious as it sounds.

4. Stuffed clams. Hors o’oeuvers at yacht clubs includes lots of of sea food, and its all good.

5. Mini pizzas, because even comfort food is fancy if chopped into bite sized bits and served on a silver tray. Some of the pizzas had pepperoni on them, and some were not in fact pizzas, but actually beef wellingtons.

6. Peanut butter, caramel goodies. I’m not sure what they were, but they were certainly delicious. Bite size of course, like everything else.

7. Toast, made for me before the sun was up by my boyfriend’s mother, who takes care of me as if I were her own child and wanted to make sure I had food before a long day.

8. Chocolate chip cookies made by the boy’s mom. They may or may not have drugs in them, they’re so delicious.

9. A hamburger, grilled to perfection, surrounded by new friends


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