Dewey Square, Boston

A park in full use is a glorious thing. Full of people, young professionals on lunch, mothers with young children, couples on dates, a few artsy folks. Grass so green and soft, gardens bright and full, food trucks nearby, and a farmer’s market selling everything imaginable. The sun is warm, hugging me like a blanket, and the sky an endless teal blue. Cars go by on either side and looking around I see endless office buildings, one of which is mine, yet despite these reminders of real life, I take off my shoes and lie on my back, soaking in the sun. Others around me do the same, gossip with friends or read quietly. Here for the next hour reality is kept at bay. I don’t have a to-do list a mile long, I don’t have meaningless chores to do for others nor do I live under florescent lights. Instead I am young and time is endless. No worries.


6 thoughts on “Dewey Square, Boston

  1. One out of the many things I love about this description of the park is that it contains so much perspective. There are so many valuable truths to be taken from this description, and I love how you did it! Speaking to the description itself I love it when you said the sky was “an endless teal blue.” It’s so beautiful and so true. The last four sentences are just gold. Thank you for writing this!

      • Absolutely! I’m sure more people connected with it, but they just didn’t comment! I’m looking to move to Boston for my masters, so hopefully I can experience what you!

      • definitely come to Boston! it has such a high percentage of college students and young professionals, its a great place to be young, and there’s always so much going on, especially during the summer months. Winter can be so severe, summer is always a welcome relief, and celebrated as such

  2. It’s crazy to think that in all the madness of this crazy society by turning a corner we can walk into so a beautiful space. Kind of like the old world with in the new…..though I wonder what it would be life with out the new world.

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