People Watching

People are weirdest things on this planet. I know this for a fact; I people watch so am thus an expert on people. During my lunch hour I love to people watch at Dewey Square near where I work and come up with their stories.

Today four people-two girls and two boys-played boccie in grass. They’re young, I’d guess around twenty five, and in their first or second real-world jobs, probably in entry-level positions. They all work together in a company that is now longer a start-up but isn’t old either. You wouldn’t know that there are companies that do whatever their company does unless they told you. It’s likely innovative.

It was the boy in the tie’s idea to play boccie. He’s a people pleaser- youngest of three siblings- and a cheese. Everyone should like him, he’s too quirky not to love. The idea came up while getting drinks after work on Friday. This group developed a few months ago, and their used to each other’s company. Tie came up with boccie to in order to remain a novelty to people who are used to him, to continue to impress them.

He’s the ring leader I think, tie. At one point, before the group had developed, he and black-slacks  were friends, and red dress and pink cardigan were close. Tie thought red-dress was pretty so made an excuse for the four of them to hang out. By the time he found out red dress has a boyfriend (she definitely has a boyfriend) all four of them were having so much with their group that they continued to hang out.

Black slacks likes pink cardigan. He’s cute and shy about it, but I can’t tell what pink cardigan thinks of him. She’ll give him a chance I think, but she’s not sold on the idea of him. Red dress knows whats going on between her friends, but tie has no idea. He’s too aware of himself to aware of what’s going on around him.

As I head inside, they’re packing up. Maybe they’ll be back tomorrow, getting food from the food trucks and sitting in the same grass they played on today. Or maybe I’ll have to find new people to watch.


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