Making the Rounds

Senior year of high school, applying to college was stress-inducing and anxiety ridden. Would the B+ I consistently got in Chinese lower my chances of getting into the schools I wanted? Would being ranked 10th in my class instead of 1st or 2nd be too low? Had I done enough community service, been involved in enough extra-curriculars, had enough leadership roles? If I had known about Bard’s admissions exam then, I most definitely would have applied.

I don’t always love Rihanna, but the attacks over her dress earlier this week were completely unnecessary. Jezebel does a pretty good take-down of it here.

On a similar note, this blog post wonderfully explains all that is wrong with Washington Post saying women should get married in order to prevent sexual abuse.

Buzzfeed’s explanation of what is going on in Iraq right now is simple enough for anyone to understand, even if you don’t know much about the conflicts in the Middle East.

Finally, some pictures of bookstores that will make you want to travel the world.

Have a wonderful weekend! Sunday is supposed to be beautiful here in Boston-I think I see the beach in my future!


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