Same Difference

View from my BalconyIt’s the mundane views that strike me the most. The view from my balcony just as the sun has fallen below Table Mountain, the purples and reds over the mountains, the water, the city. The courtyard where a bird plays in the fountain and children played with their parents just moments earlier. The hockey field, where teams are practicing constantly. The kid in the building across from mine on his balcony, smoking.

You see, its from views like this I learn the most. Sure, everyone in South Africa has a funny accent sometimes difficult to understand, especially over the phone, and people drive on the wrong side of the road, and play cricket. And there may be some more substantial differences; they may think about race, class, gender, history, politics and the world differently. But boys still smoke cigarettes here and back home, there’s traffic on all highways right after work gets out, and hockey teams practice at all hours of the day at home too. 

I mean really, we may be different, but we can’t be too different. We are all human after all.


3 thoughts on “Same Difference

  1. Hope you will find your way to Hermanus! The real South African journey begins >100 km beyond Cape town … (LOL). anyway … just in case … you are Welcome!!!

  2. Lovely. What you reflect on is what I’d explored in the Race Around the World, a mosaic of cultural biographies from bloggers across the globe. We explored race, identity, boundaries, community, belonging, differences, commonalities. =) Keep up the thoughtful blogging. Happy trails – on and off the blog. =)

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